Upcoming Conference

Exercise Your Noodle And “Meat” New Friends!

Atheists | Humanists | Agnostics | Skeptics | Apostates | Freethinkers | Rationalists | Pastafarians

September 18th – 20th at the DFW Marriott!

Get ready for the most MAGICAL freethought event in the noodleverse

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Event Schedule

Friday Sept. 18th

Afternoon Workshops (TBD)

Magical Memories Dinner w/Penn and Teller
“Evening of Magical Inquiry”!
Reception (Gold & Platinum VIP Tickets)
Dogma Debate Radio (All Access)

Saturday Sept. 19th

AM Speaking Lineup
Lunch (Included in ALL Ticket Packages)
PM Speaking Lineup
VIP Dinner – Silver, Gold, or Platinum VIP Tickets Only
Comedy Show: Maryellen Hooper! (All Access)
Musical Guests – Clearly Guilty! (All Access)
And of course…our famous…
Meatball Costume Party! (All Access)

Sunday Sept. 20th

AM Speaking Lineup

Lunch (Included in ALL Ticket Packages)
PM Speaking Lineup
Closing Comments and Farewell!

We would like to thank our sponsors who have helped us. You can find their information at this website.

Apostacon Conference

Ahoy matey!!  Welcome to Apostacon, the new name (and website) for what will be our 5th annual Midwest Freethought Conference organized by the Omaha Coalition of Reason and scheduled for September 20-22, 2013!  Whether you self identify as an apostate, atheist, agnostic, humanist, skeptic, freethinker, nonbeliever, rationalist, scientist, empiricist, heretic, infidel, doubter, heathen, irreligious, godless or Pastafarian…  there’ll be something for you at this year’s Apostacon!

In addition to a great line up of nationally recognized speakers from the freethought community, you’ll want to be sure to attend the Apostate’s DeBaptism Ceremony presided over by the Flying Spaghetti Monster Himself!  And, shiver me timbers… we’ll even debaptize your dead relatives on request!  After all, if the Mormons can Baptize the dead, any Pastafarian worth his sea-salt can de-Baptize them!

And you won’t want to miss our special VIP dinner included in the “VIP Admission Package” where you’ll have an opportunity to meet and socialize with our speakers as well as fellow conference attendees during a catered dinner. Following dinner all attendees are invited to join us for our first ever Costume “Meat-Ball” where you’re encouraged to come dressed as your favorite Pastafarian, pirate, deity or anything irreverent, wacky or fun!

So me buckos, be sure to keep your un-patched eye on this website and our social media pages (links at the bottom of the page) for further details as they become available!  Don’t spend the weekend by yourself feeling cannellonely, hoist the Jolly Roger and set sail for adventure!  But be forewarned me Hearties… anything can happen at Apostacon so expect things to be out of control… if we’re lucky!

‘Til we meet in the safe harbor of Apostacon, FSMSpeed and may you be forever touched by his noodly appendage!